Kokua Market Yarnstorming progress report

Kokua Market Yarnstorming progress report

More photos have been added to the Kokua Market Yarnstorming Flickr group!

A cheesy yarnbomb for the cheese department

I checked on the yarnstorm yesterday and noted that the Fibonnaci sequence bike rack sleeve had sprung a hole (may have gotten snagged on a bike?), and took down two of the jellyfish that were looking a little deflated and bedraggled. The bike rack sleeve got patched today and the jellyfish are currently swimming in a dyebath; after they are rinsed and dry I’ll take them back to Kokua Market.

Feedback from people at the market continues to be positive and enthusiastic, although one of the employees was saddened when he learned that his favorite jellyfish had gone missing (not the ones I took down). I’m crocheting more jellyfish to keep the smack looking healthy! The crocheted mushrooms in the planter have also shrunk in number. While we knew that pieces might go wandering off, it’s been a letdown for some of the regulars at the market who like seeing their favorite pieces when they are in the garden before or after shopping or sitting down and enjoying a meal.