Kokua Market Yarnstorming: 10 November 2011

Kokua Market Yarnstorming: 10 November 2011

Little red lace rock doily

Crochet lace-covered stones are appearing in the Kokua Market garden as part of the ongoing yarnstorming! There’s no official pattern for making the doilies on the stones here; Margaret Oomen’s “Little Urchin” pattern, however, makes a great starting point if you’d like to make your own. Freeform crochet is another great way to explore this, and there are classes available at YarnStory in Honolulu.

We’ve gotten a few inquiries about pieces in the exhibit being available for sale. That varies, depending on the piece and who made it. Margaret Oomen (who is not in any way affiliated with the Aloha Knitters or the yarnstorming) sells crochet covered sea stones online (and a search of the Etsy marketplace will turn up other sellers as well). So far the inquiries have been about how people can buy the pieces, and not about how people can make their own. The act of making something with your hands is a very powerful, very human act, which we would like to encourage people to at least try, instead of just reaching for a wallet. There are many resources available for learning to knit and crochet, both online and in person. Locally, YarnStory and Isle Knit in Honolulu and Aloha Yarn in Kaneohe offer lessons, and the Hawaii Public Library system has several books on learn to crochet and learn to knit. Visitors and new yarncrafters are always welcome at Aloha Knitters meetings!

The organizers of the Kokua Market Yarnstorming may be contacted at spam.KNITsubi@gmail.com