DSC02426  Not A Sandy Bottom Beach Bag, by Dorothy Dean

This makes a great beach bag, since the sand will fall out of it.  Sand in the bottom of bags is a problem here in Hawaii.  🙂  With a few modifications, you can make this bag into a yoga mat bag, a water bottle bag, or a larger or smaller tote.  It’s incredibly stretchy, so don’t worry if it looks small after it’s knit up.  




2916648045_c3bcc45fa6Endless Sunrise Scarf, by Laura Rose Reichhardt 


 The Endless Sunrise Scarf is a light weight, thin scarf that loops around your neck so you don’t have to hassle with ends. It uses the simple drop stitch to reverse the Feather and Fan pattern in the “365 Knitting Stitches a Year Calendar” by Ed Martingale, that makes a nice hill shape in the stitches. With the drop stitch, it looks like there are rays of sun peaking over the hills (or at least it looked that way to me one Saturday after teaching a dance class to 3-5 year olds.) It’s a quick and simple knit and the yarn is so incredibly marvelous. 


Tic-Tac Toe Lapghan, by Patrice Walker

While you might not be able to make the entire lapghan in one evening, you can crochet a block in one evening and have the entire project completed in less than 2 weeks.