Kokua Market Yarnstorming: 14 November 2011

Kokua Market Yarnstorming: 14 November 2011

After the yarnstorm

I went over to Kokua around 11:00 am today, checking on pieces and adding a few new ones.

Taken down: the ruffle on a shopping cart and the crochet circle on a ti leaf plant. Both have gotten faded and were looking a little bedraggled. These will go back up again after being cleaned and refreshed. Also noted that the bike rack cozy has a new hole in it where it looks like the yarn snagged and tore. We’re discussing this and asking some yarn graffiti groups about what yarns are best for bike racks – we don’t want to interfere with the utility of the rack. I’ll be back with a patch for the bike rack cozy tomorrow.

Put up: more jellyfish – a few new ones and a refreshed one. A new tree sweater has been added. Another rock doily is now in the garden, and a small rock doily was given to Jonathan (a Kokua employee) to carry around in his apron pocket.

Photos with notes on what has been put up, taken down, and notes on the condition of some of the pieces have been added to the Kokua Market Yarnstorming Flickr group.